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Apparently there has been some hullabaloo about news sites claiming that Pope Francis as Cardinal Bergoglio endorsed civil unions back in 2010. That’s a bunch of hooey. According to one of the Pope’s confidants Francis was faced with gay “marriage” being thrust upon citizens in Argentina so he offered the lesser of two evils as to have further discussion on the matter. It is the same when voting for a piece of legislation. Canon law allows for the politician voting for the legislation that is the lesser of two evils when there is no good option.

Woites’s statements contradict a New York Times article published yesterday stating, “Faced with the near certain passage of the gay marriage bill, Cardinal Bergoglio offered the civil union compromise as the ‘lesser of two evils,’ said Sergio Rubin, his authorized biographer. ‘He wagered on a position of greater dialogue with society.'”

Here is the article http://www.lifesitenews.com/news/bergoglio-didnt-suggest-endorsing-homosexual-civil-unions-in-2010-says-conf

Fr. Orsi at Ave Maria is taking bishops to task for being unwilling to refuse Holy Communion to politicians who are in grave sin those who support abortion and euthanasia.  I’d add being in support of same-sex marriage to the list. Both Biden and Pelosi received Communion at Pope Francis’ installation mass. These type of politicians have been obstinate for so long and the bishops’ pastoral approach hasn’t worked over a lengthy period of time that a more visible act of standing for the faith and against scandal is necessary.  Here is a bit of what Fr. Orsi has to say:

Politicians such as Biden and Pelosi have been stubborn and contumacious in their pro-abortion policies and in presenting themselves for reception of the Eucharist. They know that the American bishops, for the most part, prefer a “pastoral approach,” which means basically let’s talk to them and help them to see the error of their ways. It has not worked, and there is no indication that it will. The topic of this essay is proof enough! They also know that Catholic priests are instructed not to cause a scene on the Communion line and that the person be permitted to receive. Thus, they opt to take advantage of these charitable loopholes.

There is a solution and perhaps some hope for stronger enforcement of Church policy on offending pols. The Vatican should clearly state that politicians who promote a culture of death, abortion, and euthanasia, are subject to excommunication by their bishop. Pope-Emeritus  Benedict XVI  made an unofficial statement on a trip to Mexico, in 2007, stating  that excommunication for pro choice legislators was not arbitrary and is part of canon law.  This would strengthen Canon 915 and some bishops’ backbones.

It is well known that Pope Francis forbade pro- choice politicians from receiving Holy Communion in his diocese, in Argentina.  Perhaps the new Pope can move this project along?

By the bishops refusing to take strong action, such as excommunication, politicians will continue their “in your face” attitude toward the church and her leaders. Such a failure will also continue to allow Catholics and people of good will to be scandalized. Even worse, it gives the impression that others may follow the behavior of wayward  politicians with impunity.

Biden and Pelosi only did at the Vatican what they have been allowed to do at home.  As the great Lutheran pastor Dietrich Bonheoffer stated so well, dear bishops;  Not to act is to act!


Dang those sequester cuts. Bang. Bop. That hurts… Wait!!! Hold on… stop listening to the MSM meme. Were there really cuts to government agencies because of the sequester? To Find out you can visit The Sequester Lies: Where are the Republicans? at Conservative Hideout. It’s all laid out neatly in a graph.

The Conservative Lady has a post titled A New “Most Dangerous” Man in America?   This person is a mayor of a major city but he has much influence over national politics.  He is a radical who wants to change (er take away) your rights using force.  He is not only against illegal guns but is also against legal guns.

1CatholicSalmon has a good post called Palm Sunday – the day after tomorrow, and Holy Week begins. Doesn’t it seem like Lent has flown by? Hard to believe it’s already almost one day before Holy Week begins.

Biltrix has a great post called Father, Forgive Them!  Fr. Jason Smith explains about having the urge to throw away his anger toward Judas betrayal when he hears the words “Father forgive them.”  This had me questioning, should we really be angry at Judas? Wasn’t he apart of God’s divine plan? An essential part? Without Judas would Jesus have died to save our sins? Possibly…. but since this is what happened in God’s divine plan to save all of humanity from sin wouldn’t giving thanks to Judas be more appropriate?  We all sin and whether the sin be big or small if we ask for forgiveness God will grant His mercy and forgive us. For this reason and with there being conflicting accounts of Judas’ death  I do believe that it is possible that Judas repented before his death. This would mean that Judas would have been forgiven by God just as the rest of us are forgiven when we repent in Reconciliation.


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Rand Paul is prepared to stop President Obama’s gun control plans. He says his gun control plans, especially the ones Obama thinks he can do via executive order, must be stopped.  Rand Paul has come up with legislation – Separation of Powers Restoration and Second Amendment Protection Act – which would nullify Obama’s executive orders on gun control and preserve the 2nd Amendment.

From Reason.com: 

Paul says his legislation will declare that “Any executive order by President Obama infringing on the Second Amendment rights of all Americans would be declared null and void” and “would prohibit federal funds to implement President Obama’s executive orders impacting the 2nd Amendment.”


Talking Points Memo has a more detailed outline of Sen. Rand Paul’s legislation.


President Obama has absolutely no authority under the Constitution to use his executive powers to pen an executive order which would infringe upon citizens 2nd Amendment rights.

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He is spot on! Paul Ryan is so knowledgeable about economics. I am so happy he is our VP nominee. I love how he clings to his guns and his religion. I hope he visits Pittsburgh again real soon since I missed him this time.

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While I never have carried a firearm in public, it was never my understanding that my Second Amendment rights (insofar as they are recognized at all) are limited to the boundary lines of private property belonging to me. I have always believed that I carry my constitutional rights with me as I walk about in the public space. Is that inexcusably naïve?

I live in Pennsylvania, where you need a permit to carry a concealed weapon, but Pennsylvania is a “shall issue” state, which means they have to issue you a permit if you meet the requirements. Nevertheless if you do not have a concealed carry permit, you can still keep and bear arms in public. Pennsylvania is an Open Carry state, and the cops know it. I have personally met law abiding private citizens who go around with a holstered gun on their hip. The cops leave them alone because they know it is legal. California also recognizes the Second Amendment right to openly carry an unloaded firearm, but that may be about to change. Combine that with the fact that California is a “may issue” state rather than a “shall issue” state regarding Concealed Carry permits, Californians constitutional right to keep and bear arms guaranteed by the Second Amendment may suddenly end at each citizen’s private property line. What happens in California can happen in Pennsylvania, and an option I have freely chosen not to exercise as of this date may cease to exist for me altogether.

If I lost my right to keep and bear arms in public, that by itself would not necessarily affect my day to day routine, since I never exercise that right as of this writing. But it certainly affects my liberty, which is more important to me. It affects my self-concept as a citizen. It provokes questions that absolutely need answering, but for which there are no answers yet. If I can lose one constitutional right automatically, without due process, merely by continuing to live in a certain state, which of my other constitutional rights are up for grabs? Which other constitutional rights are subject to being limited in their application to my private property while I am on it, and effectively cease to exist the moment I step off my property and enter the public space? Are First Amendment rights subject to the same restriction? It would seem so. If I don’t have the right to pray on public property, such as in school, then my right to the free exercise of my religion is effectively cancelled out by the establishment clause. If I don’t have a right to refuse to be Nude Scanned and genitally groped by government agents at an airport, then my Fourth Amendment rights are clearly gone. Where else can the govenment decide to intrusively search me? Airports today, where else tomorrow? As each infringement of constitutional rights is tolerated and allowed to become the new norm, another nail is driven into the coffin of American liberty.

“Just because one person is comfortable with their weapon doesn’t mean that that gives that person the right to infringe on the rights of other people who aren’t comfortable….You don’t need a hand gun to order a cheeseburger. You don’t need a hand gun to get a cup of coffee.” – California Assemblyman Anthony Portantino, author of Assembly bill 144, seeking to abolish the open carry of hand guns by private citizens in public.

Portantino needs to be reminded of a fact that people who haven’t had their common sense bleached out of them by liberal propaganda know very well: there are armed criminals out there, and they rob and kill people.  The point is not that you know you need a gun to go shopping or grab a bite to eat. The point is that you never know where you will need a gun. You might find yourself in a siutation where you need to defend yourself and your loved ones anywhere, anytime.  Anyone might need that at any moment. Yes, even people at fast food restaraunts and diners in broad daylight, people who did not think they needed a gun to go out and “order a cheeseburger” or “get a cup of coffee”.  You don’t think you may need to be able defend yourself in ordinary everyday situations such as those?  Tell that to the family of Mary Hutchison, robbed and murdered in a Lindenhurst Illinois Burger King in 2006.  Yes, it’s true. Google that. I’m not making it up.  Tell that to the people robbed by 22 year old Angel Marcias last Thanksgiving in the Black Bear Diner in Walnut Creek, CA, or at the Fuddruckers in the nearby Willows shopping center earlier in the year.

“Most of the robberies occurred at shopping centers along Oak Grove Road in Walnut Creek and Concord. Most also involved suspects armed with guns. The Black Bear Diner robbers were armed with a baseball bat and knife. While most of the businesses hit were restaurants, fast-food outlets or coffee shops, the most recent robbery on Tuesday evening took place at the Chase Bank in Citrus Plaza.”


If one law abiding citizen in one of the locations were legally carrying a gun, the baseball bat and knife wielding criminals could have been peacefully disarmed and the spree would have ended right then and there.

Here are some more gems of wisdom from the mouth of Assemblyman Portantino:

“The second amendment to the constitution allows people to defend their private property”

Question: That includes your person?

Portantino’s Answer: “It includes your person but, in California we also have sworn officers who are there to serve and protect the public.”

Let me translate that, because while that looks just like English, it is not.  It is Liberalese, which always masquerades as a genuine use of some authentic human language, but is invariably used to express a meaning that is the exact opposite of what it appears to say in the language it is masquerading as.  “It includes your person BUT” … but everything before “but” is bullshit in Liberalese… “In Califonia we ALSO have sworn officers: — translation: “Most definitely NOT ‘also’. The word ‘also’ means, ‘in addition to’. But I don’t think that we have police to supplement and support your right to defend yourself in public, but rather, they are there because you have no such right in public. When I say ‘also’, I am using Liberalese, not English, and here, that word means what would be signified by ‘instead’ if I were speaking English rather than Liberalese.”

But perhaps the Assemblyman thinks that open carriers of firearms are contributing to gun violence? What say you, sir?

“As of this moment there have not been any deaths or injuries, to my knowledge, through open carry.”

But it is important to end this right whose exercise has harmed no one, by your admission?

“We’re here to avoid the tragedy.”

Well, on that note, how many crimes have been prevented by the presence of ordinary citizns walking around with a gun visibly on their person?  How many would-be criminals saw someone with a holster where he wanted to commit a crime and decided, “OOPS! Not here! Not today!” And how many such crimes never wound up taking place elsewhere, because the would-be criminal found, the next day, that the need he perceived to commit the crime became significantly less urgent or ceased to be altogether?  We’ll never know for sure, I suppose, but if California ends Open Carry, we may get some idea by the spike in violent crimes that is certain to occur in the absence of armed ordinary law abiding citizens.

Portantino is like every other leftist in government who wants to clamp down on the real rights of Americans. They all pose as if they are protecting some OTHER more or less vague rights. Thus the “right to privacy” trumps the right of a person in the womb to continue to live if that right would “infringe”, in some way, on the woman whose consensual adult behavior resulted in that person being in the womb in the first place.  And now some people have a right to be comfortable, and that trumps the real constitutional right to keep and bear arms, whose exercise would “infringe” on some other person’s more important unconstitutional Right to be Comfortable.  I suppose it is the same “Right to be Comfortable” that is being enforced when school children have items of religious significance confiscated from them in public school.  It is always Other People who have the rights that count, those who would be made to feel uncomfortable by the exercise of constitutional rights.   The actual constitutional rights, and those who exercise them, do not count at all.  You cannot pray in a classroom! It would make someone else (who?) uncomfortable!   But what if it makes me uncomfortable to have my first and second amendment rights taken away?  What if it makes me uncomfortable to know that as I move about in public I am unable to defend myself if I encounter someone who wishes to harm me?   Oh, that’s ok. You don’t have a right to be comfortable. Yes, Other People do, but you don’t.

Okay, maybe I am too conservative to be among those who enjoy some dubious right to be comfortable. All I have are my constitutional rights. But which constitutional rights can I count on, and which are vulnerable and can be taken away? I just want to understand the rules.

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