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Is the U.S. going to war with Syria?  If we do war is very ugly.  Should we be going to war and bombing a country when there are no good guys fighting?  There are the rebels on one hand and Assad’s military on the other hand. The choice is between people who are very, very bad and people who are horrible.  Should we be getting mixed up in a Syrian civil war?  Is it really America’s business to get involved?

I don’t think we have any business going to war in Syria.  As much as I am concerned for the welfare of the innocents who aren’t fighting and simply want peace I don’t think the United States government has any standing to get involved in a Syrian civil war.  But Syria is the gateway for Iran attacking Israel.  So maybe limited strikes is the best of bad options in fighting Syria to aid Israel in her defense?  I do think the Catholic Church as well as other churches and Christian missions should get involved.  There has to be a variety of ways that churches and organizations can help Christians and others in Syria who are being persecuted, threatened, and harmed,

Now onto the one good item. Pope Francis has called for a day of prayer and fasting for peace on September 7.

“I appeal strongly for peace, an appeal which arises from the deep within me,” he said to the crowds in St. Peter’s Square on Sept. 1.

“There are so many conflicts in this world which cause me great suffering and worry, but in these days my heart is deeply wounded in particular by what is happening in Syria and anguished by the dramatic developments which are looming,” continued the Pope.

“For this reason, brothers and sisters, I have decided to call for a vigil for the whole Church,” he announced.

It will be “a day of fasting and prayer for peace in Syria, in the Middle East, and throughout world.”

The vigil will take place on Sept. 7, the vigil of the birth of Mary, Queen of Peace. Those who can will gather in St. Peter’s Square from 7 p.m. until midnight: other local Churches are requested to join in the fasting and prayer by gathering together.

Prayer is the answer.  God is the answer.  Let us all take time out of our busy schedules on September 7 to pray for peace in Syria and around the globe.  God Bless.


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Always and in all circumstances yield, yield the first place to others;  especially during recreation listen quietly, without interrupting, even if someone tells me the same thing ten times.   I will never ask questions about something that interests me very much. 

#789 of Saint Faustina Kowalska’s Divine Mercy Diary


Sirach 38: 1-15

Make friends with the doctor, for he is essential to you;

God has also established him in his profession.

From God the doctor has wisdom,

and from the king he receives sustenance.

Knowledge makes the doctor distinguished,

and gives access to those in authority.

God makes the earth yield healing herbs

which the prudent should not neglect;

Was not the water sweetened by a twig,

so that all might learn his power?

He endows people with knowledge,

to glory in his mighty works,

Through which the doctor eases pain,

and the druggist prepares his medicines.

Thus God’s work continues without cease

in its efficacy on the surface of the earth.

My son, when you are ill, do not delay,

but pray to God, for it is he who heals.

Flee wickedness and purify your hands;

cleanse your heart of every sin.

Offer your sweet-smelling oblation and memorial,

a generous offering according to your means.

Then give the doctor his place

lest he leave; you need him too,

For there are times when recovery is in his hands.

He too prays to God

That his diagnosis may be correct

and his treatment bring about a cure.

Whoever is a sinner before his Maker

will be defiant toward the doctor.

My Thoughts:  Taking the time to listen to others is very important.  Getting out of ourselves and focusing on others needs, helping them, and simply being there for people is one thing we are called to do as people of God.  We need to listen to God’s call for us to assist people in their needs.  As fallen beings at times we become complacent and self-centered.  I know since I’ve been sick I have focused on myself quite a bit.  Sometimes it was needed and other times I failed to put myself and my feelings aside to help others.  I think this can happen easily with people who are suffering from illness, depression, or a disease.  God is our Healer and we are called to trust in His wisdom even though with the pain that may be extremely hard at times.  I have leaned on Him in these turbulent times. The more I have had to endure pain and struggles the more I have leaned on God and tried to trust in His will for me.  God gave us wonderful, caring doctors to treat our ailments.  My doctors are the greatest.  Listen to the physicians suggestions for treatment because who knows it may help and open up a whole new world, a renewed life for you.  One of my physicians is so sweet to pray for me.  He is a man of faith which is one thing I totally love about him.  Prayer is the answer to healing.  Ask God for healing.  Ask Him for understanding.  Through my experiencing unexpected circumstances and since the methods of healing which I tried didn’t turn out close to what I had wished and prayed for, I’ve learned that I need to persevere, accept  my situation for what it is, and make lemonade out of lemons.  As I go through the process of accepting my circumstance this has brought a bit of peace to my life.  May the peace of our Lord be with you all.  

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A caller attempts to make the case that because a baby may be born into a bad situation where the mother or parents have all sorts of problems it would be better to murder the baby, it would be better that the child never be born. I will let you listen to the exchange then comment below the video.

I really don’t understand how pro-choicers first go-to position is murder the baby. Not to help the mother and baby with their situation? Not to assist her in getting help for her problems?  The mother could give her baby the chance to survive, thrive, and overcome adversity.

I have noticed that persons who are pro-choice don’t seem to understand the concept of sacrifice, sacrificing of themselves so that another person may have a better life.  The birth mother could sacrifice out of love for her child. Out of selflessness the mother could give her baby the opportunity to be cared for by loving adults who desire to raise a child but are unable to conceive.

Killing an innocent human being is something that will stick with person who has committed the act of killing the rest of their life.  Having an abortion causes emotional problems and may cause physical medical problems as well. Women and teenage girls need to think real hard before having an abortion because this will greatly affect them in the future. It may bring the person temporary solace but it is highly likely that it will bring long-lasting  consequences filled with agony.

The lack of faith comes into play here as well. The killing of innocent unborn babies is a prime example of Godlessness wreaking havoc in our society. This is a sign that Satan is winning over the weak of faith by getting people to rationalize the acceptability of sin, to accept a sin which goes against one of God’s Ten Commandments, which we are called to follow.

Here is a video by Alexander Tsarias which shows amazing imagery from conception to birth.

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