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Apparently there has been some hullabaloo about news sites claiming that Pope Francis as Cardinal Bergoglio endorsed civil unions back in 2010. That’s a bunch of hooey. According to one of the Pope’s confidants Francis was faced with gay “marriage” being thrust upon citizens in Argentina so he offered the lesser of two evils as to have further discussion on the matter. It is the same when voting for a piece of legislation. Canon law allows for the politician voting for the legislation that is the lesser of two evils when there is no good option.

Woites’s statements contradict a New York Times article published yesterday stating, “Faced with the near certain passage of the gay marriage bill, Cardinal Bergoglio offered the civil union compromise as the ‘lesser of two evils,’ said Sergio Rubin, his authorized biographer. ‘He wagered on a position of greater dialogue with society.'”

Here is the article http://www.lifesitenews.com/news/bergoglio-didnt-suggest-endorsing-homosexual-civil-unions-in-2010-says-conf

Fr. Orsi at Ave Maria is taking bishops to task for being unwilling to refuse Holy Communion to politicians who are in grave sin those who support abortion and euthanasia.  I’d add being in support of same-sex marriage to the list. Both Biden and Pelosi received Communion at Pope Francis’ installation mass. These type of politicians have been obstinate for so long and the bishops’ pastoral approach hasn’t worked over a lengthy period of time that a more visible act of standing for the faith and against scandal is necessary.  Here is a bit of what Fr. Orsi has to say:

Politicians such as Biden and Pelosi have been stubborn and contumacious in their pro-abortion policies and in presenting themselves for reception of the Eucharist. They know that the American bishops, for the most part, prefer a “pastoral approach,” which means basically let’s talk to them and help them to see the error of their ways. It has not worked, and there is no indication that it will. The topic of this essay is proof enough! They also know that Catholic priests are instructed not to cause a scene on the Communion line and that the person be permitted to receive. Thus, they opt to take advantage of these charitable loopholes.

There is a solution and perhaps some hope for stronger enforcement of Church policy on offending pols. The Vatican should clearly state that politicians who promote a culture of death, abortion, and euthanasia, are subject to excommunication by their bishop. Pope-Emeritus  Benedict XVI  made an unofficial statement on a trip to Mexico, in 2007, stating  that excommunication for pro choice legislators was not arbitrary and is part of canon law.  This would strengthen Canon 915 and some bishops’ backbones.

It is well known that Pope Francis forbade pro- choice politicians from receiving Holy Communion in his diocese, in Argentina.  Perhaps the new Pope can move this project along?

By the bishops refusing to take strong action, such as excommunication, politicians will continue their “in your face” attitude toward the church and her leaders. Such a failure will also continue to allow Catholics and people of good will to be scandalized. Even worse, it gives the impression that others may follow the behavior of wayward  politicians with impunity.

Biden and Pelosi only did at the Vatican what they have been allowed to do at home.  As the great Lutheran pastor Dietrich Bonheoffer stated so well, dear bishops;  Not to act is to act!


Dang those sequester cuts. Bang. Bop. That hurts… Wait!!! Hold on… stop listening to the MSM meme. Were there really cuts to government agencies because of the sequester? To Find out you can visit The Sequester Lies: Where are the Republicans? at Conservative Hideout. It’s all laid out neatly in a graph.

The Conservative Lady has a post titled A New “Most Dangerous” Man in America?   This person is a mayor of a major city but he has much influence over national politics.  He is a radical who wants to change (er take away) your rights using force.  He is not only against illegal guns but is also against legal guns.

1CatholicSalmon has a good post called Palm Sunday – the day after tomorrow, and Holy Week begins. Doesn’t it seem like Lent has flown by? Hard to believe it’s already almost one day before Holy Week begins.

Biltrix has a great post called Father, Forgive Them!  Fr. Jason Smith explains about having the urge to throw away his anger toward Judas betrayal when he hears the words “Father forgive them.”  This had me questioning, should we really be angry at Judas? Wasn’t he apart of God’s divine plan? An essential part? Without Judas would Jesus have died to save our sins? Possibly…. but since this is what happened in God’s divine plan to save all of humanity from sin wouldn’t giving thanks to Judas be more appropriate?  We all sin and whether the sin be big or small if we ask for forgiveness God will grant His mercy and forgive us. For this reason and with there being conflicting accounts of Judas’ death  I do believe that it is possible that Judas repented before his death. This would mean that Judas would have been forgiven by God just as the rest of us are forgiven when we repent in Reconciliation.


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This post was Teresa’s idea and she handwrote the first draft. It was sparked by today’s post at Domini Canes by Brother James, What is Truth?  Kevin added some personal touches and transcribed the resulting fusion in order to post the article on this blog.

Since the enemies of our Lord played were instrumental in bringing about his death, and since His death was for our salvation, it follows that the enemies of our Lord played a role in the way God brought about the salvation of the world.  Can our enemies have a corresponding positive impact on our personal salvation?  Does God will the suffering they cause for our ultimate benefit, that we may grow spiritually closer to Him?

From the time that the old Adam disobeyed God in the Garden of Eden until the New Adam submitted to His Father’s will in the Garden of Gethsemane, Satan had authority over the world.  When he offered the kingdoms of this world to Jesus immediately if He would worship him during the temptation in the desert that was not bluster.  It was a real temptation, because he really did have that to offer Him.  Satan wanted to prevent God from taking what Adam gave to Satan and giving it to Jesus.  If our Lord had not resisted that temptation, Satan would still be in charge of the world with full authority.  When Jesus refused, Satan marked Him for death.  If Jesus would not be turned, He would have to be killed in order to prevent God from using Him to save us from the clutches of the Devil.

During the Last Supper account in John’s Gospel, the Apostle expresses an important point very briefly and without fanfare so that you almost miss it: when Jesus handed the dipped bread to Judas, “Satan entered him.”  (John 13:27 – granted, Satan is mentioned in verse 2 of the passage as having already put it into Judas’ heart to betray Jesus, but that is almost a parenthetical remark, like this one). From that point, Satan was using Judas to bring about the death of Jesus.  We can be reasonably certain that this was not because Satan was intentionally cooperating with God for the salvation of the world.  Satan was trying to prevent that salvation, not cause it.  It was God who turned what Satan did against him and made it the very means of our salvation.

If God used the evil deeds of the enemy of all of mankind to bring about the general salvation of humanity,  might He not use those of our personal enemies to effect our personal salvation?

P.S.  –  Much of the substance of the above came from Teresa, with enhancements of my own here and there,  building on her ideas.  This postscript is fully my contribution. From the beginning God foretold that Satan’s effort to destroy the Savior of humanity would be the very means by which the Savior would defeat the Devil forever.  In Genesis 3:15 we find the protevangelium where Gods warns of the perpetual enmity between the Woman and the Serpent, and between her Seed and his.  The end of that conflict would be the defeat of the Serpent by the Seed of the Woman when the latter would use a blow inflicted by the former to bring about the former’s destruction.   “He shall bruise your head, and you shall bruise His heel.”

Can you see the image?  The man who is the seed of the woman is walking and apparently his foot is bare.  His bare foot, an attractive target for the serpent, is in the air midstep about to come down.  Suddenly, from his hiding place in grass, the serpent rears up almost too fast to be seen and strikes.  His teeth sink into the bottom of the foot at the heel (right where the nails connected our Lord’s foot to the cross).  The head is now stuck, fastened by fangs to the foot.  It is too late for the serpent to remove his head from danger, the stride is too fast.  The foot, though wounded, continues down until it reaches the ground with the serpent’s head now in the position of the conquered foe, under the heel of the victor who is wounded but not defeated.  Then the strength of the heel is brought to bear on the serpent’s head until it is crushed, and thus the serpent’s attack brings about his own ultimate destruction.

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