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Is the U.S. going to war with Syria?  If we do war is very ugly.  Should we be going to war and bombing a country when there are no good guys fighting?  There are the rebels on one hand and Assad’s military on the other hand. The choice is between people who are very, very bad and people who are horrible.  Should we be getting mixed up in a Syrian civil war?  Is it really America’s business to get involved?

I don’t think we have any business going to war in Syria.  As much as I am concerned for the welfare of the innocents who aren’t fighting and simply want peace I don’t think the United States government has any standing to get involved in a Syrian civil war.  But Syria is the gateway for Iran attacking Israel.  So maybe limited strikes is the best of bad options in fighting Syria to aid Israel in her defense?  I do think the Catholic Church as well as other churches and Christian missions should get involved.  There has to be a variety of ways that churches and organizations can help Christians and others in Syria who are being persecuted, threatened, and harmed,

Now onto the one good item. Pope Francis has called for a day of prayer and fasting for peace on September 7.

“I appeal strongly for peace, an appeal which arises from the deep within me,” he said to the crowds in St. Peter’s Square on Sept. 1.

“There are so many conflicts in this world which cause me great suffering and worry, but in these days my heart is deeply wounded in particular by what is happening in Syria and anguished by the dramatic developments which are looming,” continued the Pope.

“For this reason, brothers and sisters, I have decided to call for a vigil for the whole Church,” he announced.

It will be “a day of fasting and prayer for peace in Syria, in the Middle East, and throughout world.”

The vigil will take place on Sept. 7, the vigil of the birth of Mary, Queen of Peace. Those who can will gather in St. Peter’s Square from 7 p.m. until midnight: other local Churches are requested to join in the fasting and prayer by gathering together.

Prayer is the answer.  God is the answer.  Let us all take time out of our busy schedules on September 7 to pray for peace in Syria and around the globe.  God Bless.


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It wasn’t reported until recently, but about a month ago Muslims attacked Christians at St. Mark Cathedral in Egypt after a funeral Mass.  How dare Muslims show such utter disrespect during a most Holy occasion as a funeral Mass. The persecution and slaying of Christians breaks my heart.  The worldwide Islamization and the intolerance, persecution, and killing of people who believe in other faiths by Muslims has got to stop.  And Western governments thought Mubarek was bad?  Now there is a president in Egypt, Morsi, who is apart of the Muslim Brotherhood.  The attacks have progressively gotten worse. The U.S. government needs to stop giving Egypt aid of any kind, especially money.  The West should not have messed in the internal affairs of Egypt’s government because now we have a much bigger mess on our hands.  My prayers go out to all the Christians’ safety as they struggle while living in a hostile environment.


Coptic Christians attending a funeral service Sunday for four Copts killed two days earlier in an anti-Christian rampage were in turn attacked themselves by at least 200 Muslim rioters.

The incident, which started with a few dozen men pelting the mourners with stones, quickly escalated into a massive attack against Christians at St. Mark’s Coptic Orthodox Cathedral in the Abbassia area of Cairo involving firearms, flash-bang grenades, tear gas, fire bombs and other improvised weapons, besides cars set ablaze.

A Morning Star News reporter observed that police took more than an hour to respond, and when they arrived, they did nothing to stop the attack. Instead, most stood and watched men throw rocks at the Christians gathered at the gates of the cathedral compound or hurl stones over walls at the Christians trapped inside.


From the Catholic Herald:

Hundreds of Egyptian Christians were besieged inside Cairo’s Coptic cathedral last night after a mob, reportedly with the help of security forces, launched an attack on worshippers.

One person died and 84 were injured during the attack, which began after a funeral mass for five Copts who were killed in sectarian violence on Saturday, in which a Muslim man also died.

Wael Eskandar, an Egyptian blogger at the funeral, said he saw people being showered with broken bottles from the roof of a block of flats. After being attacked, he said, the people “started racing out of the side street and destroying the nearby cars”.


Here is another video which shows Christians being attacked as police stand by.

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Rabbi David Rosen Speaks on Pius XII and the Holocaust

After hearing this video on Catholic-Jewish relations I looked up Pius XII. I never bought the meme that Pope Pius XII was silent and didn’t do much to save the Jews during the Holocaust.  That is revisionist history. Could he have done more? Maybe. Could each of us do more in certain areas of our lives? Yes.  Fr. William Saunders answers Did Pope Pius XII Remain Silent? in this article:

To begin to understand Pius XII’s actions during the World War II, we must remember the world in which he lived. Hitler had assumed control of Germany in 1933. In July of that same year, he began not only persecuting Jews but also Christians. He infiltrated the German Evangelical Federation (the Lutheran Church), removing leaders who were opposed to his agenda. Many of these ministers died in concentration camps or prisons, like the famous Deitrich Bonhoffer.

The persecution was even more intense for the Catholic Church. Gestapo agents attended Mass and listened to every homily preached, prepared to arrest any priest attacking or criticizing the regime. Chanceries were searched for any “incriminating” documents. Communication with Rome was limited. Nazi propaganda represented the Church as unpatriotic and hoarding wealth with clerics portrayed as idle and avaricious. By 1940, all Catholic schools had been closed, and religious instruction confined to the Church itself or at home. Meanwhile, anti-Christian teaching was imparted in the public schools.

Please note that the first concentration camp was established in 1933 at Dachau, outside of Munich; this camp was not .so much an “extermination camp” as one for the political prisoners, including priests. At Dachau alone, 2,700 priests were imprisoned (of which 1,000 died), and were subject to the most awful tortures, including the medical experiments of Dr. Rascher.

Such persecution was not confined to Germany. The Church in Poland also suffered severely. During the first four months of occupation following the September 1939 invasion, 700 priests were shot and 3,000 were sent to concentration camps (of which 2,600 died). By the end of the war, 3 million Polish Catholics had been killed in concentration camps. How many other Catholics–priests, religious, and laityin other countries died for the faith during the Nazi era?  CONTINUED 

I was really surprised how well Fr. Saunders outlined what Pope Pius XII did to save the Jews.  I am really impressed with how much Pope Pius XII did to save the Jewish people during the Holocaust.

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I have been sick so I’m posting this video. I will try to make it around to your blogs later today or tomorrow. God Bless.

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Why would the Obama administration do this?  Well, they are attacking our religious freedom with the HHS mandate and have done other things to attack the Catholic Church and traditional Christianity so… this administration obviously doesn’t think too much of people’s right to religious freedom here in the USA so why would they care about other countries right to religious freedom?  Or whether they’re being persecuted or not? Is this an attempt to hide the fact that the “Arab Spring” has led to widespread persecution of Christians by Muslims?  Another coverup? Time and time again Pres. Obama has shown that he favors Muslims over Christians.  This is yet one more example of that.  Here you can get some insight into Pres. Obama’s faith and to the reason why he favors Muslims over Christians.

From (CNSNews.com) – The U.S. State Department removed the sections covering religious freedom from the Country Reports on Human Rights that it released on May 24, three months past the statutory deadline Congress set for the release of these reports.

The new human rights reports–purged of the sections that discuss the status of religious freedom in each of the countries covered–are also the human rights reports that include the period that covered the Arab Spring and its aftermath.

Thus, the reports do not provide in-depth coverage of what has happened to Christians and other religious minorities in predominantly Muslim countries in the Middle East that saw the rise of revolutionary movements in 2011 in which Islamist forces played an instrumental role.

For the first time ever, the State Department simply eliminated the section of religious freedom in its reports covering 2011 and instead referred the public to the 2010 International Religious Freedom Report – a full two years behind the times – or to the annual report of the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF), which was released last September and covers events in 2010 but not 2011.

Leonard Leo, who recently completed a term as chairman of the USCIRF, says that removing the sections on religious freedom from the State Department’s Country Reports on Human Rights is a bad idea.

Since 1998, when Congress created USCIRF, the State Department has been required to issue a separate yearly report specifically on International Religious Freedom.

But a section reporting on religious freedom has also always been included in the State Department’s legally required annual country-by-country reports on human rights–that is, until now.  More Here 

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I always hate to hear of any persecution or violence being perpetrated against any religion but when I hear of violence being committed against Christians with such frequency in the Middle East my heart aches for those people even more.  My thoughts and prayers go out to Christians in the Middle East who are facing an unprecedented amount of persecution and violence against them.  May God assist watch over them and keep them safe.

Here are two recent incidents of violence that were committed against Christians at the hands of Muslims.  First, two Christian nurses named Nusrat Bibi and Muneeran Bibi were attacked and abducted by a Muslim doctor who works at the same hospital as them.  In the second incident a group of Muslims were hired by a former lawmaker and they invaded two Christians homes in order to seize the farmland and buildings.  The Muslims attacked women who were present at the time of the raid.  Then, there was an incident where indifference took place, at an emergency room doctors refused to treat a policeman who was wounded from a shooting because he was Christian.

And people claim that Islam is a religion of peace.

Here is the full story:

Lahore (AsiaNews) – In the province of Punjab, Pakistan’s most populous area, new cases of anti-Christian violence are emerging. Two nurses at the Fatima Memorial Hospital, Lahore, were attacked and abducted for several hours by a fellow Muslim. The man also charged them with theft after stealing their mobile phone and a sum of money. In a second incident, a group of Muslims – at the behest of a former MP of the area – attacked the houses of two Christians, to force the owners to abandon them and transfer the land ownership over to him.
Nusrat Bibi and Muneeran Bibi are two Christian nurses at Fatima Memorial Hospital in Lahore. A hospital source reports that in recent days the two women were attacked and abducted by a Muslim doctor, who works in the same building. He allegedly stole Nusrat ‘s mobile phone, a sum of money from Muneeran and when the girl put up resistance he attacked her. Then it was Nusrat’s turn to suffer, as the doctor beat her repeatedly with a wooden stick reducing her clothing to tatters.
The source speaking on condition of anonymity, added that the nurses “were segregated for more than nine hours.” The hospital administration contends that the two Christian women are guilty of theft, although they were not found in possession of any object. Fr. Joseph Xavier, priest and local activist, speaks of a “brutal act” against two workers who “did not steal anything” and whose only crime is “being Christian” and “victims of brutality.” CONTINUED  

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